473 severe cases ‘the most again’… “Not in the stage of emergency plan review”


Today (12th), the number of new confirmed cases is expected to be around 2,500, and in particular, the number of patients with severe symptoms requiring ventilator or oxygen treatment continues to increase due to worsening symptoms. There is talk of whether it will stop the gradual recovery of daily life, but the quarantine authorities have drawn a line that this is not the case yet.

First, reporter Park Chan-geun reports.

There are 2,520 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, with around 2,500 for the second day.

The number of critically ill patients increased by 13 in one day, reaching 473, the highest for two days in a row.

The death toll increased by 21 in one day.

Cases of death after booster vaccination were also reported for the first time.

She was a woman in her 80s, had all three Pfizer vaccines, and the causality is being investigated.

On the eleventh day after the start of the gradual recovery, there is a clear increase in the number of confirmed cases, severe cases, and deaths.

The situation in the metropolitan area is particularly bad.

Nearly 80% of all confirmed cases in the past four weeks have come from the metropolitan area.

The utilization rate of intensive care beds is 72.8% in the metropolitan area, much higher than in non-metropolitan areas, and Seoul has the highest rate of 74.8%.

It is close to 75% of the standard that can stop the gradual daily recovery.

[신현영/더불어민주당 의원 : 상황이 나빠지면 1단계가 계속 지속될 가능성도 검토가 가능한가요?]

[정은경/질병관리청장 : 1단계를 지속하거나, 아니면 조치를 강화할 수 있을 것 같습니다.]

However, the quarantine authorities explained that it is not yet at the stage to review an emergency plan as there is quite a bit of room for hospital beds nationwide.

He also said that even if such a situation came, it would not apply only to the metropolitan area.

A week before the CSAT, all high schools across the country switched to remote classes and entered the CSAT quarantine system.


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