[열린편집위원회] Analysis and verification of national inspection data stands out… Shouldn’t be swept away by certain political issues


The 9th open editorial committee meeting was held at the Hankyoreh newspaper in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 8th and participants are discussing the contents of the report. By Baek So-ah, staff reporter [email protected]

Even in Yeouido, Seoul, autumn is the season of harvest. The state audit, which is held for the purpose of monitoring and checking the executive branch, is a place where the legislature concludes the year of farming. At the 9th open editorial committee meeting held on the 7th floor of the Hankyoreh newspaper in Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul at 4 pm on the 8th, the 9th open editorial committee meeting focused on the report of the state audit. At the meeting, Kim Min-jeong, Citizen Editor and Open Editor-in-Chief (Professor of Media and Communication, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Kim Kyung-mi (CEO of Shadow Cabinet), Kim Bo-rim (Youth Climate Action Activist), Kim Jun-beom (Vice President of Halla Holdings), Lim Ja-woon (law office) Attorney Jidam), member Hong Yoon-hee (chairman of the mobile content cooperative for the disabled), and member Hwang Se-won (representative of Il-in Research Institute) participated. The Hankyoreh was accompanied by Kwon Tae-ho, head of the journalism department, Jeong Eun-joo, content manager, and Jeong Hwan-bong, communication desk.

Kim Min-jung At this meeting, it was decided to look at the reports of the National Audit (hereinafter referred to as the National Inspectorate). Reports by the National Inspectorate are generally divided into on-the-ground reports such as arguing and reports focusing on data. In the case of the Hankyoreh, there were not many on-the-ground reports, and there were many reports based on data from the National Inspectorate. What caught my eye was that most of the Hankyoreh reports were not written directly from the National Inspection Report. It has undergone further analysis and validation. The data received from the office of the National Assembly member was analyzed with the Hankyoreh and the National Medical Center data center on October 20th. ‘Public hospitals are full of corona, the vulnerable classes are pushed out’ In the case of the article, the Hankyoreh took the lead in data collection and analysis and raised the issue of medical imbalance. Articles that verified the state chief’s remarks or data also stood out. October 13th ‘If trainees don’t even know about the Sanan Act, even the Ministry of Labor… ‘ The article pointed to the passage in which the head of the Planning and Coordination Office of the Ministry of Employment and Labor said, “There is room to be regarded as a worker” in response to a question about a student from a specialized high school who died while diving to clean barnacles at a yacht company. This remark was a problem because the revised Occupational Safety and Health Act last year required that field trainees be considered workers when diving and the law was applied. This topic was well pointed out. October 28 fact check article ‘I read the scandal on the report of ineligible blood products by the Board of Audit and Inspection’ It was also good that the Board of Audit and Inspection corrected the announcement so that people could misunderstand that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection was caused by blood transfusion. knight on the same day ‘They say that the city barn is a civic group ATM… Seoul can’t be grounded” I also think that it is an article that clearly points out the problems of Seoul’s announcement. The last and most impressive article was dated October 21st. ‘Government handed over 170 million face photos to AI companies’it was It was good that the Ministry of Justice pointed out the dangers of handing over sensitive information to private companies in a way that infringes on information rights without the additional consent of the person concerned.
Hwang Se-won I think that the data from the National Audit is reliable and contains many important contents. However, it would have been better if some data had been reported in a bundle. For example, the Hankyoreh analyzed the results of the employment examination by the Public Service Ethics Committee together with the Solidarity for Participation. The fact that many senior retirees of KEPCO have worked in the same group or reinvested company reported, etc. a few days later Reports that senior retirees from the Ministry of Environment are effectively appropriating key positions at the Korea Recycling Resources Distribution Support CenterAnother article appeared in If the two were linked and reported, the reader’s interest would have increased. I wish there was such an attempt.
Kim Kyung-mi I usually read paper newspapers, but I search for articles that impressed me again online. If it is difficult to place national inspectorate articles on the paper, I would like to tie them up digitally. The Hankook Ilbo has built a subpage where you can view the state audits by day of the week.

Kim Bo-rim The article about handing over immigration photos to private companies shows specific cases related to information and human rights violations, and I think it explains why this is a problem. After the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the city’s budget had gone to civic groups in the past, some media criticized it without looking at why the budget was used that way. It was impressive. However, I know that witnesses were present and spoke about the continuous repetition of industrial accidents in the National Inspection, but it was regrettable that it was difficult to find such content.
Hong Yoon-hee The National Assembly believes that it is a place for lawmakers to check the administration’s homework assignments. However, this year was swept away by political issues, and there were many sad topics. I feel like I have neglected the original function of the national gam. It seems like it was just before the election. So, it would be good for the Hankyoreh to write an article that examines the situation of the National Inspectorate from the past before the election and examines the problems. Politicians may benefit from political controversies, but the media should pay attention to the fact that the controversy can cover issues directly related to people’s lives. We need a national report that can get the government to work.
Im Ja-woon From October 1st to November 7th, I searched articles of the National Inspectorate, but after excluding articles about Daejang-dong and the accusation, it was reduced by almost half. It seems to be true that the articles of the National Assembly were reported focusing on specific political issues. I am personally interested in labor issues, so I focused on the articles of the National Assembly Environment and Labor Committee. Two articles stood out, one Articles related to Samsung Fire & Marine Labor Unionall. I think it’s important, but it was rarely used by other media other than the Hankyoreh. Samsung Fire & Marine had been operating the regular employee council (Pyeonghyup) as an alternative organization without a union, but when the actual union was established, the Pyeonghyup converted into a union and obtained the status of the representative union. Unfair labor practices were recognized when Samsung did similar things at Everland and Samsung Electronics Service Branch. For this reason, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong apologized in May of last year, saying, “We will no longer use the word “union-free management” at Samsung. I think this is an important opportunity to revive the no-union strategy after Vice Chairman Lee’s parole. I thought it would be good if the Hankyoreh also gave this meaning to the article. The other was also mentioned by the chairman, an article that criticized the head of the Ministry of Labor’s keynote speech, saying that trainees at specialized high schools “has room to be regarded as workers.” As I read the article, I thought that I could catch these remarks because he was a reporter who knew the matter deeply. It is very problematic that the Ministry of Labor officials do not even know that the law has changed. I think the Hankyoreh wrote a good article.
Kim Jun-beom In relation to the report that the face photos of entry and exit were handed over to private companies, the photos uploaded to Google, Facebook, and Instagram are actually used as AI training targets. I thought it would be nice This case is related to various issues. There are several issues as to whether it is a problem for private companies to receive government data free of charge and use it for profit, or whether such data should not be used for national security, etc. I would like to collect these parts comprehensively and make a follow-up report.
Kim Min-jung There seems to be a lot more to add. The government explained that it did not provide personal information to the private sector, but entrusted its processing.do. However, it seems that this case is not actually consignment, but handed over sensitive information to a private company without the consent of the parties involved. In addition, only after the report was made public who the consigned business was. There are several procedural problems, so I hope you will continue to address them. If there is anything you would like to suggest in relation to the national report, please let me know.
Hwang Se-won I think there will be a reporter at the scene of the National Inspection, so I thought it would be nice to create a corner that organizes questions from the scene.
Kim Jun-beom I wish there was an article that summarizes today’s national inspection issues and summarizes the overall content even after the national inspection is over.
Im Ja-woon There are a lot of materials from the National Audit, and if the media company makes an archive and organizes it, readers will be able to find the materials of the standing committee that they are interested in.
Jung Eun-joo Since there are not many manpower, there is an aspect that has to be selected and concentrated. It was a very difficult process to recall the moment when I was writing an article by typing out remarks all day long when I was covering the National Assembly in the past. However, I will try to find a way to reflect the advice you gave. Among the things you mentioned, I think it is necessary to collect the articles of the National Assembly by issue and view them. I will think about how
Kwon Tae-ho In the 1990s, as the National Inspection was suspended under Park Chung-hee and revived from the 6th Republic, the National Inspection was a big issue. This is because the people had never seen the people call the administration and shout loudly at the National Assembly, the representative of the people. However, recently, this is not uncommon, and the National Assembly also considers the National Assembly as an issue-centered aspect, so there are many concerns about its importance. It seems meaningful to group articles of the National Assembly by topic or standing committee.
Kim Min-jung Let’s discuss other reports besides the National Inspection Report.
Hwang Se-won Released on the 3rd of NovemberUneducated seniors are more vulnerable to coronavirus deathsIn the case of the article, the elderly were classified as ‘over 60’, but it seems that the age range is too broad. The actual death toll is more than half of those in their 80s or older, and the ratio of uneducated students may be high in this age group. I thought it would be nice to write an article that explains even this part. ‘5 million unvaccinated: Why are they reluctant to vaccinate’ The purpose of the planning article was good as revealed in the title. I think the intention is to find out why they aren’t vaccinated. I wonder what the vaccination rate is and whether it’s okay to be unvaccinated. There seems to be a problem of discrimination against those who are not vaccinated because there is no such standard.
Kim Kyung-mi Delivery agency riders will soon be included in employment insurance coveragearticle that says Violation of the Industrial Safety Act by allowing Coupang Eats to conduct delivery services without completing safety and health trainingI saw an article that said Thank you for addressing safety issues related to the lives of workers. However, I think it would have been better if it contained more information that would be helpful to the parties, such as how it is helpful for real riders to purchase insurance or receive education, and what rights they can claim.
Kim Bo-rim Two reporters from the Hankyoreh are held in Glasgow, UK. Covering the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26)There are so many articles out there that people say that they really don’t sleep. At the COP every year, only what the Korean government made was reported. Especially South Korea signs statement suggesting phase out of coal power generation by 2030However, it was also good that the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy agreed to the premise of making an effort, but did not specify the timing of the coal withdrawal, but it was good to catch the fluctuating appearance. Discussing climate crisis in Glasgow is insufficient voices of protestsI also enjoyed reading it because it was fully contained through the interview. Hwanbong Jeong Communication Desk [email protected]


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