Sunday, November 28

Viral: Pitbull with hair? Networks explode after alleged photos of the reggaeton player

Pitbull, one of the most popular reggaeton players in the world, is causing a sensation on social networks, but not this time it is not because of a new song or a spectacular concert, but because of the images that went viral where he is seen with long hair, beard and mustache.

A couple of photos of Pitbull showed that ‘Mr Worldwide’ can still surprise us, since several Internet users thought that the reggaeton player was bald. Here the real question is about the authenticity of the images … Could it be a montage?

Although many Pitbull fans did believe in the images, it must be said that these photos, according to the comments of several network users, are false, as an app would have been used to put the singer’s face with all that hair .

After the photos went viral, Internet users created memes and made some comparisons, because with this look he was put next to Handsome Squidward after the radical change; Likewise, they commented that this 2021 could only get weirder if Vin Disel and Dwayne Johnson joined Pitbull with such hair.



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