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“The world designed by men has destroyed a lot… empower women”

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“Feminism is needed to solve climate change”

‘Little Amal’ (Arabic meaning hope), a large 3.5m doll representing a Syrian refugee girl, arrived at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) held in Glasgow, UK on the 9th (local time) and drew people’s attention. are receiving yunhap news

On the 9th (local time), purple was often seen in front of the Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, Scotland, where the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was held. The UK government, which is the chair country, sets a daily topic and continues discussions around it, and the 10th day of the event was ‘Gender Day’. Ashley Rose Raveche of the American human rights organization League for American Women Voters, whom I met on the train on the way to the event, seemed to be in a good mood. He greeted reporters from Korea first. The man, who said he likes former President Barack Obama, comes from San Francisco, California, which has strong Democrats. On this day, I asked him to explain the relationship between gender issues and climate change, as he expects to hear various discussions on gender. “Women are the first and most affected by climate change,” he said. This is the same problem in all countries.” When asked whether the damage caused by climate change, such as abnormal climate and unemployment, comes to everyone equally in developed countries like the United States, he said, “The United States is no different from developing countries. We can approach (this problem) more easily, but that doesn’t mean we can do more. See how men monopolize decision making. (The reality of many male leaders) we can change.” Even in front of the entrance to the Scottish Events campus, the venue for the General Assembly, people commemorating the day by linking gender and climate change were gathered. They emphasized that feminism is not just a gender issue. “Diseases such as COVID-19 and Ebola are caused by the displacement of animals from the natural environment,” said Nigerian Adedolapo Ayokunle Pasaw, who was holding a microphone and speaking in front of people. we must stop “Plan more trees and stop using fossil fuels.” People gathered in front of him were wearing purple paper flowers, a symbol of feminism, on their chests. Angela, 45, of the Extinction Rebellion, with purple hair, stressed that the gender issue is ultimately a matter of diversity. “When I think of climate change, it hurts my heart to not have the courage to tell my 16-year-old son to have children,” he said. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a young female politician from the Democratic Party of America, was also seen at the convention venue that day. She has taken a position that emphasizes climate change response in domestic politics several times, and is at the crossroads of climate change and gender as a young female politician. To gain international credit, we have to cut emissions,” he said. However, there were times when a composite video of him being killed while in Glasgow was uploaded to S&S. When Republican Congressman Paul Gossar shared the video on his Twitter account, he said of Gosar, “A creepy fellow Congressman I work with shared a fantasy video of him killing me.” “White supremacy is an extremely fragile person, It is for sad people who live on the myth that they were born superior.” Climate change has a major impact on society as a whole. Because of this, all reformists protest, and industrial transformation is called for, so it is also called a ‘big deal’. Although gender has emerged as a topic of discussion since the 18th COP in 2012, financial support for women has been discussed at every meeting, leaving behind the issue that it is still considered a marginal topic. The contact point with the gender realm is mainly related to the human rights issue of women in underdeveloped countries. A 3.5m-sized doll ‘Amal’ (Arabic for hope), which symbolizes a Syrian refugee girl, appeared at the conference hall on the same day, along with Samoan climate activist Briana Prouan. This was to convey the message that not only refugee children but also those who have lost hope for the future are experiencing double hardship due to climate change. In 2017, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in its ‘Gender and Climate Change’ report, explained that at the time of the Asian tsunami in 2004, the damage to women and children at home was much greater than that to men working outside. It is not gender-neutral.” At the event, the importance of education support to overcome the reality that women face was emphasized first. “Women and girls know that they are disproportionately impacted by climate change,” said Alox Shama, the UK’s COP Chair. We must enable the full and meaningful participation of women in climate action,” he said. “Education is not only a fundamental good in itself, but also empowers women and girls to address climate change impacts and take climate action. Because it gives you the ability.” There were also voices criticizing the limitations of existing power relations and support policies from the perspective of women. Asa Legner of UN Women pointed out that only 3% of foreign climate development aid is aimed at women’s rights and gender equality. Angelica Pons, managing director of the International Agency for Land in Bolivia, said, “As indigenous women, we live in the brutal reality of climate change day by day. A world designed by men has destroyed many things. “If it were designed by women, it would end violence against women and children,” he said. Angela Merkel is the representative woman among the leaders of major countries in the world, but men still hold overwhelming political power. However, it is evaluated that many women were able to directly broaden their voice in their field of expertise at the COP event. Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation, Per Olsen Fried, a member of the Green Party, said, “Without a gender perspective, information necessary for a sustainable green transition is missing. The feminist approach is a smart (problem-solving) way.” Ryu Mi-kyung, international director of the National Democratic Labor Union, who is participating in the general assembly, said, “It was impressive that there were many women among the presenters at each event, such as coal reduction.” Glasgow/Writing/Photo Correspondent Woori Choi and Minje Kim [email protected]

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