The story of a Korean traditional rock band being mistaken for a weapon holder at the airportㅣJambinai Lee Il-woo [커튼콜]


[골룸] Curtain Call 114: The story of a Korean rock band being mistaken for a weapon holder at the airportㅣJambinai Lee Il-woo

In episode 114 of the curtain call, we meet Il-woo Lee, the principal musician of the Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra and the leader of the band Jambinai.

Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra has been at the forefront of new attempts by accommodating various genres of music based on our traditional Sinawi.

Il-Woo Lee, who has played the role of leading and coordinating the entire orchestra as a ‘teacher’, is an all-around musician who can handle a wide range of flute, guitar, saenghwang, and vocals.

He is also the head of the post-rock band ‘Jambinai’, formed in 2009.

In the early days of his activities, he was not welcomed by both the traditional music world and the rock music world, but he met with domestic and foreign audiences for a long time and increased his fans with Jambinai’s own music.

He has been on the stage of famous music festivals around the world, such as Coachella, Glastonbury, and Hellfest, and recently appeared in the Tiny Desk Concert of NPR, a US public broadcaster.

It tells the story of an exciting performance tour, including the story of how he went to the airport with a Korean instrument and was mistaken for a weapon dealer, and created a memorable stage even in a poor situation when the electricity was cut off.

In today’s curtain call, we will also listen to the live performances of Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra and Jambinai.

♬ You, me, and us (Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra)

♬ Time of Extinction (Jambinai)

♬ Coming (Jambinai)

Host: SBS reporter Jang Seon-yi, reporter Kim Soo-hyun | Starring: Lee Il-woo

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