“Stop eating it!”… Alligator tortoise, dry looking USA


Everyone, do you know the alligator tortoise?

In Korea, it has been designated and managed as an ecosystem-disrupting creature.

This is what the alligator tortoise looks like, with a horned shell and quite a menacing look.

It’s said that one bite of the jaw is so strong that it can even break a human bone.

They even cut it up and use it as a food ingredient, and it is said that it is mainly eaten by dipped in dough and deep-fried or boiled in soup.

But the problem is that over the past few decades, Americans have been obsessed with this taste and continue to eat it, and the alligator tortoise is on the verge of extinction.

In 30 to 50 years, the population could drop to 5%. Currently, 10 out of 12 US states ban alligator tortoise hunting, but Louisiana still has 1 per person per day and Mississippi 1 per person per year. They are allowed to catch each of them.


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