PSG women’s soccer player arrested on charges of contract violence


▲ Aminata Diallo

A player from the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) women’s team, a prestigious French professional football team, has been arrested by the police on charges of assaulting a contract by a main competitor.

According to French media reports, French police are investigating PSG women’s midfielder Aminata Diallo.

Diallo, 26, is charged with contract violence against Keira Hamlawi, a former central midfielder who competed for the French national team with PSG.

After attending an event hosted by the club on the evening of the 4th, Ham Rawi was in trouble while trying to get in the car.

Two masked men pulled Hamrawi out and beat him mercilessly, swinging an iron pipe and kicking him.

The assault concentrated on the leg area, leaving scars requiring multiple stitches.

As a result of the police investigation, teammate Diallo emerged as the prime suspect.

Diallo, who joined PSG in 2016, has been on loan at MLS Utah Royals and Atletico Madrid since 2020 before returning to PSG last summer.

Hamrawi played for FC Barcelona in Spain for three seasons and moved to PSG last summer after lifting the UEFA Women’s Champions League trophy once.

After a long loan, he returned to PSG, but it seems that Diallo committed the crime with a vengeance when the veteran, who had just transferred, took over the starting position.

After Hamrawi was assaulted, Diallo started instead of Hamrawi in the 2021-2022 season UWCL group match between PSG and Real Madrid on the 9th, and PSG won 4-0.

PSG issued a statement saying, “We strongly condemn the act of violence. We will cooperate with the police to uncover the truth of the incident.”

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