“I died after being vaccinated, but the compensation was 20,000 won” Victim’s family grieved


More than 360,000 cases have been reported to the government of adverse reactions after receiving the corona vaccine. There are also increasing cases of serious side effects, and victims are demanding broad recognition of the causality of vaccines and adverse reactions.

Reporter Park Soo-jin reports.

[저는 10월 31일 19살 고3 학생을 잃은… 장지영 학생의 아버지 장성철입니다.]

From the father of a high school student who died two months after the second vaccination,

[이게 10원짜리인데 한 2만 원 정도입니다. 정부에서 책정한 제 동생의 목숨값입니다.]

Family members of swimmers who died three days after the first vaccination, and families of victims who died or suffered serious side effects after being vaccinated against COVID-19 gathered at the National Assembly.

They say that the quarantine authorities’ causality screening criteria are not transparently disclosed.

[이시원/백신 접종 후 심근염 사망자 유족 : 22세 군인이 화이자 백신 접종 후 심근염으로 사망했고 백신과의 인과성으로 인정해준 걸로 알고 있습니다. 누구는 인정하고 누구는 인과성이 없다는 게 도무지 저희는 이해할 수 없습니다.]

The National Forensic Service’s autopsy and medical staff’s findings confirmed causality with vaccination, but there were also criticisms of cases where the results were reversed by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

[지수연/백신 접종 후 중환자 가족 : 의사와 지자체 신속대응팀에서도 인과관계를 인정했는데 무슨 근거로 근거 불충분이라는 결론을 낸 것인지, 질병청에 요구했지만 끝내 자료를 전달받지 못했습니다.]

The director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who came to the scene, could not come up with a sharp solution.

Families requested that victims and their families be allowed to attend the deliberation site and transparently disclose the deliberation records of the damage compensation expert committee.


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