‘Elemental riot’ is breath-taking… China “Export of 18,700 tons of existing contracts”


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that China will carry out export procedures for 18,700 tons of elements that it has already contracted with Korean companies. It explained that some quantities have been inspected before export.

Correspondent Kim A-young.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release that China has confirmed through a press release that the export process for the 18,700 tons already contracted with Korean companies will be carried out.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that this is the result of communicating with the Chinese side through various channels to expedite the process of importing Chinese urea in relation to the recent disruption in the supply and demand of urea.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that the Chinese diplomatic mission has confirmed that inspections have been completed for some of the quantities that Korean companies have requested for pre-export inspection.

However, it did not specify when it will be imported into Korea.

The government has been pushing for a plan to import 10,000 tons of urea from 10 countries to solve the urea shortage.

However, it has been pointed out that it is difficult to bring in sufficient quantities to solve the shortage at once, as each country has to go through final negotiations and each contract is signed.

That’s why it’s important to get your shipments waiting for customs in China quickly.

The amount that China has confirmed export progress is about three months’ worth.

The government estimates that the current domestic stock of urea water is about a month’s supply.


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