Duchess Meghan: 5 surprising findings from her interview


Herzogin Meghan
5 surprising findings from your latest interview

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Duchess Meghan opened her visions of equal rights for women in business and work for the future at the DealBook event of the “New York Times”. Prince Harry’s wife surprised with private statements and honest insights.

Duchess Meghan, 40, spoke alongside entrepreneur Mellody Hobson, 53, about the role of women in management positions and business. In her current appearance, which was broadcast live, the Duchess of Sussex not only presented herself as an entrepreneur, but also came up with private topics. Five things in particular caught the eye, reflecting all facets of the former actress.

Duchess Meghan is confident and dominant

Prince Harry’s wife exuded incredible security during the New York Times’ online event. During the 30-minute conversation, the Royal clearly had the leading role and was repeatedly brought into the spotlight by the journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin. Meghan clearly feels comfortable in her skin, repeatedly emphasizing that she is committed to what is right and behind her actions.

Duchess Meghan in conversation with Mellody Hobson (center) and DealBook presenter Andrew Ross Sorkin (left)

Duchess Meghan in conversation with Mellody Hobson (center) and DealBook presenter Andrew Ross Sorkin (left)

© DealBook Online-Summit New York Times

The self-confidence doesn’t come from anywhere: Meghan has been campaigning for equality for years and has been expanding her influence in investments and women-run companies since moving to the USA. The equality of women in business is an affair of the heart of Meghan – and you can feel it.

Prince Harry’s wife made a special trip to New York

Above all, the 40-year-old surprises not only with her statements, but also with her presence. While Mellody Hobson had video from her office in San Francisco, Duchess Meghan traveled to New York especially to attend the event. Another plus point of the speaker, who was in direct contact with the moderator and literally pushed Hobson something into the background.

Duchess Meghan made a special trip to New York to attend the DealBook Summit.  Mellody Hobsin joined via video from San Francisco.

Duchess Meghan made a special trip to New York to attend the DealBook Summit. Mellody Hobsin joined via video from San Francisco.

© DealBook Online-Summit New York Times

Duchess Meghan relies on a business look with a clear message

Another surprise, even if only at second glance, is the Royal’s chosen outfit. At first it seems as if Duchess Meghan chose a subtle business look. The black all-over look is elegant and restrained. There is more to it than that: Prince Harry’s wife wears a red poppy on her top – no coincidence. The poppy flower badge sends a clear signal in the direction of the British royal family. The flower is a symbol of remembrance of the soldiers who fell in World War I and plays a central role in Great Britain every November: Remembrance Sunday is celebrated on Sunday (November 14, 2021) in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations. Meghan shows with her badge that she and Prince Harry are mentally in the home of her husband.

Duchess Meghan talks about her mental health

During the conversation, something special comes up again and again: the fluid change between professional and private life. It becomes clear that Meghan’s experience as a royal is largely related to her business models and ambitions. And so it is not surprising that journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin asks Duchess Meghan a very personal question: “Are you – since you were just talking about mental health – feeling better again?”

A question that Meghan answers with a tentative smile at first, but then says in a firm voice: “Yes, thank you very much, I really feel much better with everything”. Here, too, Meghan assures that she stands up for what is right and that being true to herself is a decisive factor. It would be the perception of others – especially the media – that is “toxic to mental health” not only for them, but for all people and young women.

Duchess Meghan: 5 surprising findings from her latest interview

The Royal explains the intentions behind its political ambitions

Meghan’s last actions also come up during the interview: The fact that the Duchess of Sussex is committed to equality, paid parental leave and vaccination equality has been a hotly debated topic for many weeks – not only in the USA. Since the “Megxit”, Meghan has been assumed to aim for a career in politics. When asked “Do you have any fears when you get involved in politics?”, The 40-year-old answers differently than expected. “For me this is not a political issue [bezahlte Elternzeit, Anm. d. Red.]. In my husband’s family, that is, in the royal family, there is certainly a policy of not getting involved in politics, but I think that from my point of view this is a humanitarian matter. “

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