Democrats demand an increase of 10 trillion won in quarantine subsidies… Hong Nam-ki’s reaction


The Democratic Party, which announced in January of next year to provide quarantine subsidies to all citizens, has officially requested that a budget of 10 trillion won should be put in the budget for next year’s quarantine subsidies for the entire nation. Fundraising is that it is possible to receive the additional tax to be collected next year, but Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki repeatedly put the brakes on it, saying that it is not going to happen at will.

This is reporter Yoo Soo-hwan.

At the plenary session of the National Assembly’s Administrative Safety Committee, the Democratic Party lawmakers expressed one voice saying that it is necessary to provide a quarantine subsidy.

[박완주/민주당 의원 : 논란이 됐던 재난지원금이 아니고 전 국민 일상 회복 방역지원금을 검토해야 한다….]

Next, it was proposed to reflect the 10.1 trillion won budget by creating a new quarantine subsidy project in the budget for next year.

The idea is that it will be possible to raise financial resources by deferring the payment of excess tax revenue, which is estimated at KRW 10 trillion.

However, Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki reacted negatively, saying that the payment deferral is not voluntary.

[홍남기/경제부총리 : 요건에 맞지 않는 것을 행정부가 자의적으로 납부 유예를 해주는 것은 국세 징수법에 저촉이 돼서….]

This means that you cannot arbitrarily use the payment deferral system unless you have suffered a disaster or there is a risk of bankruptcy.

The People’s Power countered to refrain from ticketing by disclosing the National Election Commission’s interpretation of the electorate that state agencies should refrain from acts that could affect the election as much as possible.

[박완수/국민의힘 의원 : 대통령 선거 앞두고 돈 선거하겠다는 것밖에 다른 방법으로 이해가 안 가는 부분이에요.]

Deputy Prime Minister Hong pointed out that it may be confusing to the public, saying that it is necessary to look at whether financial support is possible for the 50 trillion won loss compensation plan of presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol.

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