18,700 tons of urea imported from China… Secured three months’ worth of ‘breathing’


The shortage of urea water has opened my breath. As 18,000 tons of urea, which had been locked in China, came in, we first secured about three months’ worth so far. However, there is still uncertainty about how China’s export regulations will change, and there are limits to diversification of importing countries and domestic production.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon reports.

“Our companies have already signed a contract, but we have confirmed that the export process of 18,700 tons of urea, which has been tied to Chinese customs, will be carried out,” the government said.

Separately, 2,700 tons of industrial urea already departed from Qingdao Port in China yesterday (10th), and 300 tons of automotive urea is also scheduled to depart on the 18th.

Vietnam has secured an additional 5,000 tonnes, in addition to the 200 tonnes of urea that it has agreed to import next week.

The government believes that if we add up the amount of domestic stocks identified through on-site inspections and the amount of stockpiles released by the military, we have secured three months’ worth of use by the beginning of next year.

[정부 관계자 : (중국에서 언제쯤 들어와요?) 곧 반입된다고만 알고 있습니다. (베트남 요소는) 차량용 쓰일지 안 쓰일지 몰라요. 확인해봐야 된다는 거고요. 안 되면 나중에 산업용으로 써야 할 것 같아요.]

Considering China’s pre-customs inspection and transportation procedures, the government predicted that urea would come in large quantities at the end of this month or early December at the latest.

One hurdle has been passed due to the shortage of elements.

The government has decided to implement emergency supply and demand adjustment measures for urea water producers and sellers, and to manage the same as in the case of the mask crisis.

You can also purchase directly through the Public Procurement Service.

In addition, crackdown on stalls has been strengthened, such as arresting a gas station in Busan, which was storing 3,750 liters of urea, and taking accusations.


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