“There is not enough tax to postpone until next year”… Ministry of Finance ‘Tilt’


As you have heard, the Democratic Party is in the position that there is an additional tax to be collected this year, so you can make enough money without issuing government bonds.

Instead of sending it to the local government or repaying the national debt, it is saying that it will be used entirely for the quarantine subsidy, which reporter Jo Ki-ho pointed out.

Since COVID-19, disaster support has been provided to all or some of the people five times.

The sixth disaster relief fund, which has been renamed as the quarantine subsidy, is for the entire nation, just like the first in May of last year.

The specific use needs further discussion, but there is a possibility that it will be partially limited as it is called the quarantine subsidy.

The Democrats are trying to raise money by deferring taxes to be paid for the remaining two months of this year until next year.

According to the National Finance Act, when excess tax revenue occurs, the national debt must first be repaid and distributed to local governments and local offices of education.

Then, with the remaining money, the disaster aid budget must be additionally formed, but the amount is inevitably dwindling.

It is calculated that if you defer tax collection to next year and include it in the main budget, you can fully use it for disaster relief.

However, interest on government bonds remains a burden to the public.

[이상민/나라경제연구소 수석연구위원 : 조삼모사예요. 유일한 단점은 이자 비용이 더 나간다는 거죠. (세금) 징수가 안 되는 만큼 이자 비용이 더 나가는 건데, 그 이자 비용을 굳이 더 낼 필요가 없는 거죠. 국채 이자 비용만 (국민들이) 더 덤터기 쓰는 꼼수인 거죠.]

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance, which prepares and executes the budget, is also in an atmosphere of skepticism.

The taxes that can be deferred until next year for the remaining two months are comprehensive income tax, comprehensive real estate tax, liquor tax, and fuel tax, but it is far below the scale that the Democratic Party thinks.

In addition, it is pointed out that the payment deferral itself is strictly limited according to the National Tax Collection Act, and it is necessary to examine whether it is legally possible.

(Video editing: Park Jin-hoon, CG: Seo Dong-min)

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