The number of elements “even one bottle” purchase procession… Jung-Nara “Transaction Restriction”


As the urea water shortage became serious, long lines formed wherever there was urea water. The government, which started cracking down on hoarding, checked 3,000 tons of urea stored in one company and put some into the production process.

By Kim Jung-woo, staff reporter.

There was a long line in the parking lot in front of the gym in bad weather.

When Iksan City and a urea water producer decided to special sell 10 liters of urea water per resident, hundreds of people flocked to it from the early morning.

[임태임/익산시 모현동 : (남편이) 군산까지는 갔는데 제가 이걸 타서 가져다줘야 해요. 그래야지 차가 와요. 안 가져가면 신랑이 못 와요. (남편분은 어떤 차량?) 15톤 화물차요.]

I sold 10 liters of urea water over 100,000 won on the Internet to 225 people at 15,000 won each, but it ran out in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Citizens who missed the opportunity with a short drive swallowed their disappointment, and some protested.

[(번호표 주세요!) 이해해 주시고 죄송합니다. 오늘은 그냥 돌아가 주세요.]

In Iksan City, sales will continue from 10 am on weekdays, excluding weekends.

The government’s efforts to secure even a small amount of urea have been busy.

In the course of crackdown on hoarding, when 3,000 tons of urea were found in private importers, 700 tons of urea for vehicles were sent directly to a urea water producer to be released on the market within this week.

This is the amount that diesel vehicles nationwide can use for more than three days.

The used trading platform ‘Jonggonara’ temporarily restricted the number of urea transactions, saying, “Recently, there have been many cases of increased hoarding.”

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