‘Semi-milk’ dark Chinese movie ‘Jin-Ho Jang’ opens in the US on the 19th


▲ Poster for the movie ‘Jinho Jang’

Chinese media such as Shin Kyungbo reported that the Chinese movie ‘Jangjinho’, based on the battle of Jangjinho, the fiercest battle between the US and Chinese forces during the Korean War, will be released in the United States and Canada on the 19th.

The North American screening schedule was posted on the official Weibo account of the movie Jang Jin-ho.

In Australia, it will be screened from the 2nd of next month.

Since its release in China on September 30th, Jinho Jang has surpassed 5.6 billion yuan in cumulative box office revenue for about 40 days, setting the highest box office record among films released in China this year.

In addition, less than 100 million yuan remained until it surpassed the box office record of ‘The War of War 2’, the highest-grossing film of all time in China.

The movie Jang Jin-ho is a representative patriotic and anti-American film made from the perspective of considering China’s war veterans as victors of anti-US aid.


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