Monday, November 29

One month left in stock… “We need to release Chinese supplies to catch our breath”

While the domestic stock of urea water is estimated to be about a month’s supply, the government is negotiating with about 10 countries to secure supplies. In particular, it is most urgent to import 19,000 tons of urea waiting for customs clearance from China.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon on the sidewalk.

Freight trucks lined up 1km before entering the Cheonan Samgeori rest area.

They flocked to the news that the number of elements had arrived.

[화물차 기사 : 하행선 옥산휴게소는 더 심각했어요. 줄이 2~3km 늘어져 있었거든요. 저희 기사들끼리도 차를 세우자는 얘기가 속속 나오고 있어요.]

To resolve this confusion, the government is pursuing a plan to import 10,000 tons of urea from about 10 countries.

Except for Australia and Vietnam, which have already been announced, it has not been confirmed yet, but Russia, Qatar, and Indonesia, which are the top exporters of urea, are targeted.

Since we have to go through final negotiations and sign contracts for each, it is difficult to bring in enough quantities to solve the shortage at once.

That’s why it’s important to get 19,000 tons of urea, which is waiting for customs clearance from China, as soon as it has already signed a contract.

With about three months’ worth of supplies, you can buy time to resolve the situation.

[구윤철/국무조정실장 : 중국 해관총서(관세청)에 1만 9천 톤 이상이 잡혀 있습니다. 이것만 풀려도 숨을 돌리기 때문에 최대한 빨리해서 단시간 내에 해결하려고 하고 있습니다.]

The government estimates that the current domestic stock of urea water is about a month’s supply.

Since it is difficult to find container ships due to the cargo crisis caused by the global supply chain bottleneck, it is necessary to secure and import as many as possible as soon as possible.

In addition, the time spent on inspection of imported elements should be minimized, and the Korea National Oil Management Agency announced that it would shorten the inspection period, which is currently 20 days, to less than 5 days.

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