I googled it… 1,600 SK applicants information leaked


More than 1,600 personal information of people who applied for the SK Group recruitment test was leaked to the outside world. Belatedly, we found out about the leak through a report from an outsider, and it is presumed that it was caused by a management mistake, not hacking.

Reporter Kim Ki-tae on the sidewalk.

Personal information of applicants was leaked through Google search, so-called google search.

If you searched by combining SKCT, the SK Group recruitment test, and some personal information, you could see the personal information of about 1,600 people containing seven items, including names, dates of birth, test results by area, and application companies.

A problem has occurred on the site of the administrator of the evaluation agency that operates SKCT, the group recruitment test.

SK became aware of this fact through a report from an outsider on the 4th.

The personal information of about 1,300 people was confirmed by the reporter and deleted without any major leakage, but the fact that the information of the remaining 300 people was leaked was confirmed through log records, etc.

SK apologized to the applicants, saying, “Immediately block the search so that it cannot be searched” and “will strengthen the inspection of the examination record management.”

Experts believe that there is a high possibility of management mistakes based on the fact that it is exposure through search rather than website leakage due to hacking.

[김승주/고려대학교 정보보호대학원 교수 : 웹사이트라는 게 한 번 만들면 계속 있는 게 아니고 조금씩 계속 바뀌거든요. 업데이트가 일어났을 때는 개인정보보호에 대해선 신경을 안 쓰고 그냥 하는 경우가 많아요. 그러다 보니 실수로 유출되거든요.]

The Personal Information Protection Committee set out to find out the facts to check whether SK took proper safety measures to secure the website.


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