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GZSZ: love sensation! Will these two enemies become a couple?

The fact that GZSZ always comes up with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns is nothing new for the fans. Now Laura actress Chryssanthi Kavazi, 32, is causing a wild rumor …

GZSZ: Is a new love story looming?

Clearly: in her role as Laura Chryssanthi Kavazi is one of the most successful and popular GZSZ stars – and that’s probably not a big surprise, because thanks Lauras In the past, intrigues never got boring in the popular RTL daily. Only at the beginning of the year did the story of her blatant baby lie keep the GZSZ viewers on their toes, but since then it has become relatively quiet about the role of the 32-year-old actress – but maybe the fans will soon be able to look forward to one new, unexpected story be happy!

If Chryssanthi Kavazi has its way, it would be one Love story between her role Laura and Nazan, played by Vildan Cirpan, apparently a conceivable GZSZ story. According to “Promipool”, she revealed on Instagram that she got the idea that out Laura and Nazan could become a couple, would not find it so bad at all and she would find it good, when the two women get closer.

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GZSZ: Will Laura and Nazan become a couple?

For the GZSZ fans, however, that should be a difficult idea, because after all were valid Nazan and Laura in the end as enemies, in their struggle for Felix (Thaddäus Meilinger) Laura no stone unturned to Nazan and Felix and even mistakenly blamed the doctor for her miscarriage.

That out Laura and Nazan So girlfriends, let alone could become lovers, seems more likely at the current time unlikely. But GZSZ is known to always be good for a surprise and who knows what the authors of the popular RTL Daily will be the next story for Laura be considered …

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Sources used: Promipool, Instagram

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