Grab the back of the neck and postpone the injury… Ghost passenger with 500 million insurance


A group of people who intentionally caused a car accident for insurance money were arrested. They quarreled with each other and caused an accident, or crashed into a car that violated traffic laws, and borrowed dozens of people through social media to get more insurance money.

This is KNN reporter Kang So-ra.

Two cars parked on the shoulder after the accident.

The occupants of one vehicle grab the back of the neck and get off and call the driver of the other vehicle.

We all gather together to inspect the car, but both occupants of the car are acting as an insurance fraud gang.

The fake accident was caused by 3 people, but by borrowing someone else’s name, all 8 people lost their insurance money.

It was aimed at the loophole in which it was not possible to determine how many people were in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

They recruited people to lend their names through SNS messengers, and about 30 people in their teens and early twenties took part in illegal activities to make easy money.

[문홍국/부산경찰청 교통조사계장 : 건당 10만 원에서 30만 원 주는 것으로 명의를 모집해서 명의 대여자의 신분증을 핸드폰으로 전송받아서 보험접수할 때나 병원 치료할 때 (사용했습니다.)]

They also deliberately targeted vehicles that did not keep their lanes when turning right or left at intersections.

With this method, only 500 million won in insurance payments, including settlements, that have been won more than 100 times in the past 11 months around the country.

Person A, who visited several hospitals for a week and registered under someone else’s name, was caught by the police because the same shoes were captured on the hospital CCTV every time.

The police arrested four people, including Mr. A in his 20s, on charges of insurance fraud, and sent the remaining 64 people to the prosecution, including the one who borrowed their names.

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