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“Farmer is looking for a wife”: faux pas with bitter consequences

This is certainly not how “Farmer Seeks Wife” candidate Dirk, 24, imagined the farm week! After the farmer uttered a thoughtless comment, his chosen one left annoyed …

Double escape from the farm in “Bauer sucht Frau”

the 17th season of “Bauer sucht Frau” has only just started since overshadowing already first love dramas the RTL dome show. After one of the applicants had already left at the farm of horse hostess Lara, 26, she had to go Farmer Dirk with a heavy heart from his Chosen Saskia, 25, say goodbye – and for a bitter reason.

At first everything seemed to be going perfectly between the two singles: Dirk had put a lot of effort into the arrival of Saskia and not only painted his house, but also decorated it invitingly. The surprise was very well received by Saskia. But a little later, the 24-year-old managed to get one evil faux pasthat suddenly turned the mood.

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Dirk is dumped by Saskia

When Saskia then looked for a conversation, Dirk was completely surprised:

Yesterday you said the sentence: ‘If it doesn’t work out with you, I’ll get it if necessary, the numbers of the others, then I’ll give them a call. ‘

He tried to talk himself out of the fact that he didn’t mean the statement that way and even apologized several times to Saskia. But she had long since made a decision: “It’s nice that you apologize, but that’s a stop serious point and the fact that you didn’t say that just once doesn’t make it any nicer or better“, stated the blonde finally, before she packed her suitcase and left the yard. Dirk stayed with one broken heart return.

Sources used: RTL

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