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Eternals: Cast Reveals Bonus Scene With Harry Styles That Didn’t Appear In Movie

Eternals”Continues to talk about a week after its release in theaters and, despite the bad reviews it has, the fans have received it with enthusiasm, especially for one of the post-credits scenes where the singer appears Harry Styles.

Now, part of the cast of “Eternals” shared THAT ONE an extensive scene that was recorded with Styles as “Eros”, same as they were not included in the movie.

The Eternals and Eros are seated aboard the starship Domo, as they speak with their eyes closed to the Celestial Arishem.”Is described in the magazine.

Both Salma Hayek and Lauren Ridloff agreed that Styles’ arrival on the set of “Eternals” was “as part of usHayek said.

For his part, Ridloff, who is deaf and uses an interpreter, recalled what it was like to record with Styles: “Chloe Zao said ‘cut’ and every time she screamed, the interpreter had to run and touch me on the shoulder,” he explained. “Then after a couple of times, Harry said to me: ‘Is it okay if I just give you a tap and let you know when we stop recording?“I was like,” Yes, thank you! “That’s right, Harry: just look and think.”

The arrival of Styles as the Eternal “Eros” could mean a great change in the line of Phase 4 of the UCM, since the history of the Eternals and the cosmic world will expand along with the multiverse that Marvel has already revealed to us in series such as ” Loki ”.

Marvel: Who is “Eros”?

According to Marvel, “Eros” was born on “Titan” alongside “Thanos.” He is an “Eternal” who loves life, adventure and romance. The superhero may have the powers to harness cosmic energy for various purposes, including super strength, metabolism, and regenerative powers.

“Eros” is immune to terrestrial diseases and it is practically immortal.

When he joins “The Avengers” on Earth, “Eros” changes his name to “Starfox.”



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