Duchess Meghan: “I still see myself as the one I always was”


Herzogin Meghan
How much has she changed with Prince Harry and her royal privileges?

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Duchess Meghan’s influence in the corporate world continues to grow. Now Prince Harry’s wife appeared at the New York Times’ online event and spoke to Mellody Hobson about equality between women in business and business. The Royal provides intimate insights into her life.

Duchess Meghan, 40, appeared as one of 15 speakers at this year’s DealBook Online Summit for the New York Times. Prince Harry’s wife, 37, used her experience from the past few years to share her views as co-founders of Archewell at the audio event.

Meghan did not only focus on one topic, but also came up with the royal family and their disputes with the press.

Duchess Meghan: “My husband always says that with great privileges comes great responsibility”

During her 30-minute appearance, Duchess Meghan spoke mainly about her commitment to legal protection for parents in the USA. The 40-year-old has been campaigning for paid family vacations with new parents for weeks. “We all agree that people need support, especially when they have a baby. We have a 5 month old baby ourselves, so it’s a very sensitive issue for us. We have the luxury of being able to do this Have time, not only as a mother, but also with the father, to be with our newborn, “said Meghan, explaining her personal commitment to the topic.

Meghan repeatedly emphasizes that her ambitions have nothing to do with her status as a duchess. “Even before I had any privileges in my life – and my life is very, very different now – I always stood up for the right thing,” Meghan said in an interview with journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin. They themselves but above all their values ​​would not have changed with the marriage into the royal family. “If you are really grounded in what you are, in your ethics and your values; then I show myself as I have always done.”

Wants Duchess Meghan into politics

For the Duchess of Sussex, her commitment is also not a political issue, as she asserts. Through her commitment, she would like to create opportunities for young women and mothers to combine family and work. “From my point of view, this is a humanitarian problem,” said Meghan.

For the lecture entitled “Minding the Gap” [z. dt.: Auf die Lücke achten] However, the NYT not only selected the Royal, but also put the Duchess Mellody Hobson, 53, at her side.

Duchess Meghan in conversation with Mellody Hobson (center) and DealBook presenter Andrew Ross Sorkin (left)

Duchess Meghan in conversation with Mellody Hobson (center) and DealBook presenter Andrew Ross Sorkin (left)

© DealBook Online-Summit New York Times

With Mellody Hobson, Duchess Meghan has one of the most successful women in the world by her side

With Mellody Hobson, Duchess Meghan has brought one of the most successful entrepreneurs to her side. Hobson is currently the co-CEO of investment firm Ariel and the chairman of Starbucks Corporation. “Outside of Ariel, Mellody is a nationally recognized voice when it comes to financial literacy,” says the company’s official website.

In addition to the professional parallels, Meghan and Mellody have more in common: Both are committed to humanitarian organizations. While Prince Harry’s wife is currently campaigning for global vaccination justice and the legal recognition of paid parental leave in the United States, Mellody Hobson is active as chairwoman of After School Matters. The program offers young people from Chicago a comprehensive program in order to be able to use the time after school meaningfully and actively.

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Just like Duchess Meghan’s husband, Hobson’s husband is no stranger: The 53-year-old is married to the film producer and director George Lucas, 77.

The DealBook discussion series has been in existence for 20 years and brings “some of the most influential people from business, politics and culture together to take stock of a world that is in the midst of rapid reinvention”, according to the official description of the “New York Times” .

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