Careless saying ensures moving out


“Farmer is looking for a wife”
Careless saying ensures moving out

The tablecloth between Dirk and Saskia is cut up.


Two farmers have one wife too many, another is empty-handed at the end of the new episode of “Bauer sucht Frau”.

Björn and Mathias have luxury problems with “Bauer sucht Frau”, are allowed or have to choose one for two women each. A farmer with a woman, on the other hand, is left empty-handed at the end of the new episode of the popular TV show.

The choice will be agony for Björn

Björn (32) continues to struggle to find a difference between his two ladies-in-waiting Dani (35) and Kathrin (34). In his desperation, he lets them compete on penalties. But because he is over-ambitious as a goalkeeper, no candidate stands out. The competitive farmer orders a wood chopping contest, but that too ends in a draw.

Mathias (33) is also spoiled for choice. But his chosen ones Melina (23) and Sabrina (34) don’t get along as well as Björn’s “Sisters in the Spirit” (Dani). The tensions between them could at least mean that he can make a decision faster than the colleague.

The spark doesn’t always jump

Dirk (24) already went to the head of his status as pascha at the barn festival. He had three women at hand, but only Saskia (25) came to the farm. He found Elisabeth (18) too young, Sophie (19) withdrew voluntarily. Nevertheless, he rubbed Saskia several times under the nose that he could still call the others if it didn’t work out with her. This is the case now. After the repeated superfluous saying and because the spark does not generally jump, Saskia calls a taxi.

There are similar problems with Peter (26) and Kerstin (28). She, too, feels like a remaining stock after a competitor’s voluntary withdrawal. But Peter dispels their fears. He even carefully uses the word “dream woman” in his mouth. The proverbial spark seems to have jumped over here stronger than with any other …

With Lara (26) this did not jump over. A date with Melanie (34) at the cold sea doesn’t provide warmth either. Both agreed that there was not enough for something solid. Lara: “The flash-me feeling is missing.” Melanie stays for the time being.

Things are going better with Hubert (40). Seemingly. He’s already thinking about the next few years with his Andrea (39). But she falls in love with a lamb at first sight. With Hubert, according to his own statement, it is not that far yet.


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