Avoid “Tech Neck”


Stiff neck
Avoid “Tech Neck”

The wrong posture at the desk can lead to “tech neck”.

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In the office, our necks quickly become a problem area, we are talking about the so-called “tech neck”. This is how you avoid pain.

More than ten hours Germans spend on average in front of their smartphones every day, PC, laptop, tablet and Co. Especially in the home office, without proper office equipment, this can lead to the so-called “tech neck”. As the name suggests, it comes from spending too much time in front of the screen … The stiff neck can lead to head, shoulder, back and even jaw pain. But how do you avoid the “tech neck”?

Dynamic way of working helps

The solution to the problem is a relatively simple one: work dynamically. If you are at the computer, you should change your position between sitting and standing about every 30 minutes. If you have an adjustable desk, you have an advantage: You can work standing up from time to time. But it can also work without it: You can use a phone call to pace up and down for a few minutes. A few simple (stretching) exercises in between can also relieve the neck. In addition, the correct posture is important when sitting: You should not necessarily sit too straight, but rather lean 25 to 30 degrees backwards.

Set up the workplace correctly

An upright posture can also be supported by proper workplace furnishings. The screen should be placed so that the top third of the screen is at eye level. If you only have a laptop on your desk in your home office, you can try a laptop stand that brings the screen to eye level. An external keyboard and mouse can also help avoid arching your back and neck.



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