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與 “The quarantine subsidy will be paid in January next year”…尹 “Tax trick trick”

The Democratic Party announced in January next year that it would provide support for quarantine to all citizens. The plan is to pay 200,000 to 250,000 won to support daily recovery and personal quarantine. The plan is to raise the funds by using the tax that is expected to be collected more this year.

This is the first news today (9th), this is reporter Yoo Soo-hwan.

The Democratic Party plans to pay 200,000 to 250,000 won per person, called the ‘With Corona Prevention Support Fund’, to all the people in January next year.

[윤호중/민주당 원내대표 : 내년 예산에 반영하여 내년 1월 최대한 빨리 국민들에게 지급이 되어서….]

It is said that the ‘additional disaster support for all citizens’ proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung will be given in the name of support for quarantine.

[박완주/민주당 정책위 의장 : 고통 감내에 대한 위로금도, 소비진작도 아닙니다. 일상 회복의 길로 가기 위해 꼭 필요한 방역 물품 구입을 지원하는….]

The Democratic Party is planning to defer the tax payment of 10 to 15 trillion won, which is expected to be lifted more this year, to next year, and then use it as a financial resource.

The deficit government bonds do not need to be issued.

Then, Yoon Seok-yeol, a presidential candidate for the People’s Power, said, “I’m trying to spread money somehow by adjusting the time lag for tax payment.”

A dispute arose between the ruling and opposition parties as to Candidate Yoon’s promise to “compensate 50 trillion won for 100 days of the inauguration of the new government to compensate the loss of business restrictions for the self-employed.”

People’s Power floor leader Kim Ki-hyeon assisted, saying, “When the new government is inaugurated, we will organize an additional budget.”

[김기현/국민의힘 원내대표 : 지출의 구조조정을 통해서 필요한 만큼의 재원을 조달하면서 그와 동시에 충분한 손실 보상이 이뤄지도록 하는 게….]

Park Wan-joo, chairman of the Democratic Party’s policy committee, said, “Are you saying that the Moon Jae-in administration is going to increase the debt by 50 trillion won in 100 days after criticizing the increase in national debt?” and criticized it as “begging for votes.”

Even if the size, target, and financial resources of the application are different, it seems difficult for both candidates to avoid pointing out that the competition is ‘free money’ ahead of the presidential election.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho, Kim Seung-tae, Video editing: Kim Jin-won)

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