Monday, November 29

‘With Corona’ confirmed 30% higher than before… 411 severe cases

The number of new COVID-19 cases continued to rise above 2,000 for four days in a row. However, since the phased daily recovery has been implemented, the number of severe cases has been steadily increasing, so the quarantine authorities are struggling with countermeasures.

This is reporter Jang Hoon-kyung.

As of 00:00 today (6th), there were 2,248 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, a decrease of 96 from the day before.

However, the average number of new patients per day over the past week was 2,153, an increase of about 30% in just one week compared to before the step-by-step recovery.

The number of patients with severe cases increased by 29 to 411.

It is the first time in 67 days since August 31 that the number of patients with severe severe cases exceeded 400, and the trend is increasing this week when the transition to daily recovery has begun.

The death toll increased by 20, bringing the total number of deaths from COVID-19 to 2,956.

The government is of the view that less than 500 critically ill patients can be managed stably in the current medical system, but in preparation for an increase in the number of confirmed cases following daily recovery, an administrative order has been issued to medical institutions in the metropolitan area to secure beds.

This is to secure 402 semi-severe beds and 692 beds for moderately severe patients at medical institutions in the metropolitan area, where about 80% of new patients flock.

[이기일/중앙재난안전대책본부 제1통제관 : 일상회복으로 전환하면 한두 달 내로 확진자가 많이 증가 한 (외국) 사례가 또 있습니다. (준비가) 평균적으로는 4주 정도가 걸리기 때문에 지금부터 미리미리 준비하는….]

The standard for home treatment has also been strengthened so that elderly people over 60 can be isolated only after they and their guardians have both been vaccinated.

The number of people who completed the vaccination increased by 158,000 a day yesterday, and 76.5% of the people completed the vaccination.

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