US Congress approves $1 trillion infrastructure budget bill


The US Congress completed the legislative process for the Infrastructure Budget Act on the 5th local time to invest more than 1 trillion dollars to improve the outdated physical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water supply, and Internet communication networks.

The U.S. House of Representatives held a plenary session late at night through a final compromise and introduced the Infrastructure Budget Bill with 228 votes in favor and 206 votes against.

Earlier, in August, the Senate cut the size of the infrastructure budget bill, originally pushed for 1.7 trillion won, to 1.2 trillion won, and then passed the bill bipartisan with Republican support.

As the Infrastructure Budget Bill has passed both the Senate and the House of Representatives by today, and the legislative process is completed, President Biden will soon sign the bill and go through the process of promulgation.

However, the U.S. Congress failed to pass the $1.75 trillion social welfare budget bill that President Biden had pushed forward until today.

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