Taking a selfie on a cliff in Belgium, ‘sniffed’… Wife disappeared in 5 seconds


A woman who was hiking with her husband in Belgium fell to death while taking pictures from a cliff.

According to foreign media such as the New York Post on the 4th local time, 33-year-old Joe Snokes, a 33-year-old woman, climbed a cliff in Nadrin village, Luxembourg province, Belgium around 9 am on the 2nd on the 2nd with her husband Joeri Jansen.

The Snokes, who got married in 2012, have shared photos and videos they took while traveling with their two dogs on social media.

Again on this day, Mr. Snokes headed to the edge of the cliff to take a selfie with the superb view in the background. He told her husband to look after the two dogs he took with him on the trip.

While Janssen turned his head to look at his dog, Snokes stumbled while taking a picture and fell 100 feet (about 30 m) down.

“I didn’t even hear any screams or rustling,” said Janssen. “My wife disappeared without a trace, and there was only dust. It happened in just 5 seconds.”

Mr. Janssen immediately called the police, but when communication was not good, he rushed to a nearby hotel and asked for help.

Rescue teams, including police, firefighters and divers, came to the scene with a medical helicopter and carried out a rescue operation.

Posted on social media by a woman who fell off a cliff

Mr. Janssen said, “After the COVID-19 outbreak, traveling around Europe in a camper with my wife was a small happiness.”

“My wife really liked taking pictures,” he said. “When I unlocked her phone, the last selfie she took at the edge of the cliff remained.”

Since then, Mr. Snokes’ SNS posted a post saying, “Dear family and friends. I’m sorry to leave like this.” His acquaintances commemorated the deceased with comments such as “I still can’t believe it”, “Rest in peace”, and “I hope my family can give me strength.”

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(Photo=’zoe_snoeks_’ Instagram)


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