Sunday, November 28

Prosecutors will break through suspicions of investigation and lobbying in Daejang-dong… problem solving bandits

Prosecutors investigating the Daejang-dong allegation arrested Man-bae Kim, the owner of Hwacheon Daeyu, and lawyer Nam Wook, the owner of No. 4 Cheonhwa-dong, and then indicted Yoo Dong-gyu, the former head of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, for breach of trust. Evaluations are coming.

However, there are also observations that the upper-level investigation will face difficulties, and it will not be easy to maintain the prosecution in the future unless we dig deeper into the case of breach of trust, which is the most important point of the case.

This is the reason why the investigation team in charge of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office is evaluated as having a lot of work to solve even though it has secured new recruits for Mr. Kim and lawyer Nam.

First of all, the biggest challenge for the dedicated investigative team is the need to obtain more evidence related to the alleged breach of trust, which is difficult to prove.

On the 1st, the prosecution indicted former general manager Yoo additionally on charges of breach of trust under the Special Provisions Act, and indicated in the indictment of Yoo that Kim and Nam were also accomplices in the crime of breach of trust, which caused 65.1 billion won in damages to the corporation.

The dedicated investigation team has recently recruited four prosecutors from the Proceeds of Crime Proceedings Department, including Prosecutor Jin-seung Yoo, and is currently reviewing legal principles on how to recover undue profits obtained by Kim and others from breach of trust.

It is also the task of the prosecution to find out whether Seongnam City Hall was involved in the Daejang-dong project at the time, a ‘superior’ with the authority to manage and supervise it.

Kim Man-bae is of the opinion that the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung only conducted a public competition in accordance with the administrative guidelines of Seongnam City during his time as mayor of Seongnam, and Lee also claims that the decision made in the Daejang-dong project was a policy and business decision.

Some are suspecting that the prosecution is deliberately limiting the investigation to corruption in the real estate development of the ‘Daejang-dong Four’ and avoiding the investigation of candidate Lee Jae-myung.

In particular, in the legal circles, it is observed that an investigation into Jeong Jin-sang, deputy head of the Democratic Party’s election committee, is inevitable in order not to get caught up in the controversy over the investigation by the prosecution.

This is because Deputy Director Jeong appears in the transcript of the resignation of former president Hwang Moo-sung and is the accused person accused of abuse of power.

Recently, as it was revealed that former Head of Department Yoo Dong-gyu spoke on the phone with the head of the government just before the prosecution and search and seizure, it is pointed out that an investigation by the head of the government is necessary to confirm the facts.

The results of the investigation on the deputy chief of staff, who are closest to him, are expected to serve as a benchmark for judging the possibility of an investigation into candidate Lee Jae-myung, who is the accused in the case of Daejang-dong.

In addition, the prosecution plans to launch a full-scale investigation into the so-called ‘5 billion club’-related lobbying allegations and large-scale lobbying for the Seongnam City Council.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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