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[Pick] ‘Public dissection’ at a paid event after donating a body… family did not know

In the United States, the body of a man who died of COVID-19 was used in a ‘paid dissection event’ without the consent of the bereaved family.

On the 3rd local time, NBC affiliate ‘KING 5’, an American broadcaster, said that the body was used without the consent of the bereaved family for a paid dissection event in Portland, Oregon. reported.

On the 17th, an event demonstrating the anatomy of the human body was held at a hotel in Portland. On this day, the dissection demonstration was conducted by a retired anatomy professor dissecting the body and explaining the organs. I lost.

According to reports, the body used for the dissection demonstration was David Saunders, a 98-year-old man who died of COVID-19. However, the man’s family found out later. This is because the bereaved family donated the deceased’s body to ‘Med Ed Labs’, which they promised to use for medical and scientific research.

The problem occurred here. Med Ed Labs sold the deceased’s body back to an organization called ‘Death Science’, and Death Science organized a ‘dissection event’ to demonstrate human anatomy for the general public while traveling across the United States.

In addition, the organizers found out that the deceased died of Corona 19 only after the event was held, and the event became known to the public as it sent an e-mail belatedly telling visitors that they should be tested for Corona 19.

Death Science explained that the body was dissected without the consent of the bereaved family, saying, “Med Ad Labs sold the body without revealing what kind of body it was.” “The event was for educational purposes and was very professional,” he added, adding that all remaining events are canceled due to the controversy.

On the other hand, Med Ed Labs, who sold the body, protested, saying, “Death Science deceived the purpose of using the body.”

In an interview with the local media, the bereaved family burst into anger, saying, “I thought the body had been donated for scientific purposes, but it was publicly dissected in front of people. I think it deserves criticism.” The funeral home, which moved the body to Med Ad Labs, said it would take moral responsibility and help the bereaved by cremating the deceased for free.

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(Photo=’KING 5′ YouTube)

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