Oli P.



  • First name
    Oliver Alexander Reinhard
  • Name
  • born


  • star sign


  • years
  • Size
    1.75 m
  • Partner

    Pauline Schubert (married since 2014)
    Tatiani Katrantzi (married 1999-2009)
  • children

    Ilias (* 1999)

Biography of Oli P.

The name Oliver Alexander Reinhard Petszokat will probably not mean much spontaneously to most people. But his stage name Oli P. does! The German actor, singer and presenter has been known like a sore thumb for over 20 years.

Oli P’s beginnings

Oliver was born the son of a police officer in Berlin. At the age of ten he started dancing tournaments and even won trophies with it. But dancing doesn’t seem to be his greatest passion, because Oli is drawn to acting.

He had his first successes in 1996 in the RTL II soap opera “All together – everyone for himself”. Two years later, the breakthrough for Oli P .: he rises to a swarm of girls with his role in “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”.

The time after GZSZ

Oli P. only stays with the RTL series GZSZ for two years. Then he travels through the German television landscape. In 2003 he played a leading role in the movie “Motown” and was a member of the jury for the ZDF casting show “The German Voice”. In 2004 the actor began hosting two seasons of “Big Brother”. Then Oliver changes channels and goes to ProSieben. There he takes part in the show “Stars on Ice” and even wins!

In 2010 Oli P. is drawn back to the soap operas: In “Hand auf Herz” he takes on one of the leading roles and stays with the show for almost a year.

Since 2016 Oli P. can be seen as René Siegel in the series “Rote Rosen” and works as a reporter for the WDR show “Animals are looking for a home”.

His music

And not only as an actor, but also as a musician, Oliver tries out himself. In 1997 he released his first single: A cover of the song “Make love”. Shortly afterwards his second single “Eivissa” followed, which stayed in the charts for a total of nine weeks.

But 1998 is THE year for Oli P.! In autumn he released his third single, the rapped cover version of a hit by Herbert Grönemeyer. With “Airplanes in the stomach” Oli P. reached the top position in the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The musician released his second number one hit “So bist du” in 1999.

Films and series with Oli P. (selection)

  • 1996–1997: All Together – Each for Himself (230 episodes)
  • 1998–1999: Good Times, Bad Times (480 episodes)
  • 2000: How do you get hold of your boss?
  • 2001: Girl
  • 2002: The Little Monk (7 episodes)
  • 2003: customers and other disasters
  • 2003: Motown
  • 2005: A dog, two suitcases and a great love
  • 2006–2007: Thank God … that you are here! (6 episodes)
  • 2007: The ProSieben fairy tale hour: Dörnröschen – Off through the hedge
  • 2008: Funny Movie – Dörte’s Dancing
  • 2010–2011: Hand on Heart (234 episodes)
  • 2015: The animal 10
  • 2016: Red roses


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