Lee Jae-myung criticizes conservative media for ‘supply cliff claim’… “Tree frog symbol”


Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung openly criticized conservative media reports on real estate policies, saying, “It’s a supply cliff, so I don’t know what the tree frog symbol is.”

Candidate Lee said on his social media in the morning, “Conservative media raises the issue, ‘When the ‘development profit recovery system’ is promoted, ‘the private interests should not be limited’.”

This is a direct rebuttal of the conservative media that reported negatively on the Development Profit Redemption Act.

Candidate Lee went on to say, “I am taking the lead in opposing the development profit repayment system by attaching all sorts of dreadful words such as ‘supply cliff’, ‘paralysis of market function’, and ‘populism’. I thought it would drive me away, but I had no intention of giving it back to the people in the first place.”

Candidate Lee continued, “That’s why the power of the people, the corrupt construction forces, and the conservative media are all going all-in on ‘killing Lee Jae-myung’ as a trinity.”

Candidate Lee appealed, “If you are concerned about the ‘supply cliff’, please look at the ‘basic housing’ policy,” and emphasized, “There are various public housing policies that allow you to live stably at low prices.”

He also left a bitter voice towards the opposition, saying, “I would like to say something to the people’s strength.”

Candidate Lee said, “Rep. Hun-seung Lee proposed a bill to restrict private development profits.” “If it is not proposed without the intention of passing it through to put a spoon in Lee Jae-myung’s attack like the conservative media, we will work with the Democratic Party to institutionalize development profits.” I hope you take the lead.”

He also warned, “If you watch the conservative media and gently withdraw using these excuses and other excuses, you will not be able to avoid the severe judgment of the people that they were only focused on the political offensive without thinking of creating an alternative.”


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