‘I’m afraid that an emergency vehicle won’t be able to dispatch’… A citizen who left three bottles of urea water at the 119 center


It was reported that a citizen quietly donated three bottles of urea water to the 119 Safety Center and disappeared while there was a shortage of urea water across the country due to the urea import incident.

According to the Songdo Fire Department in Incheon, yesterday (5th) around 10 pm, an unidentified man stopped in front of the Sinsong 119 Safety Center in Songdo-dong, Incheon.

The man, wearing black trousers and a beige jumper, took three small boxes from the trunk and placed them on the center door before leaving.

This box contained three 10-liter bottles of urea water, and no letters were found.

The fire department believes that this man donated urea water because he was worried about a situation in which a firefighting vehicle could not be dispatched quickly due to a shortage of urea water.

The fire department said that they analyzed the CCTV video to express their thanks, but the vehicle number was not visible.

An official from the Songdo Fire Station said, “The donated urea water is planned to be used for vehicles at the Songdo Fire Station.”

(Photo = provided by Incheon Songdo Fire Station, Yonhap News)


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