Former New York Governor Cuomo ‘possibly flawed in prosecution’


Prosecutors in charge of the case pointed out that the prosecution last week against former New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who resigned over sexual harassment allegations, was flawed.

Albany County District Attorney David Soers of Albany, New York, wrote a letter to New York State Court Judge Holly A. Trexler the day before, according to US media reports It said that there were flaws in one prosecution, such as not including the victim’s ‘post-oath statement’.

Former Governor Cuomo was charged last week for forcibly touching a victim.

During his own investigation, former prosecutor Soers said, “For some reason, the sheriff submitted a complaint unilaterally.” There is a possibility of a defect in that regard.”

He added that only a portion of the written statement of the victim was attached to the submitted complaint, and other statements that could help to prove Cuomo’s innocence were excluded.

Cuomo previously emerged as one of the most popular politicians in his fight against the epidemic, but stepped down in August after New York State prosecutors released a report that he molested or harassed 11 former and current aides.

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