Monday, November 29

Figure skating Jun-hwan Cha, 3rd place in the 3rd Grand Prix short… 95.56 points

Cha Jun-hwan, the leader of Korean men’s figure skating, finished third in the short program at the Grand Prix competition, where he participated for the first time this season.

Junhwan Cha finished third out of 12 with a score of 95.56 in the men’s single short program in the 3rd round of the ISU Senior Grand Prix held in Turin, Italy.

The Technical Score (TES) was 52.38 and the Arts Score (PCS) was 43.18.

A score of 95.56 is a good score, only 1.77 points short of Cha Junhwan’s personal short record of 97.33.

Cha Jun-hwan perfectly handled the first jump task, the quadruple jump and quadruple salcho, and also performed the second triple lutz-triple loop combination jump neatly.

The final jump, the triple axel, was a bit shaky to land, but the rest of the assignments went well without any mistakes.

Jin Jin Yang (China) with a total score of 97.89 took first place in the short program, and Daniel Grassl (Italy) took the second place with 95.67 points.

The men’s single free skating will be held tomorrow (7th) at 4:45 a.m. our time.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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