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Do you feel angry all the time? are the reasons

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Saturday 06 November 2021

I wrote – Asmaa Morsi

Everyone is prone to anger, but not everyone has the same cause of anger. For some, anger is caused by family problems, financial problems, work-related stress, or a romantic relationship, but there are those who suffer from certain disorders that can lead to problems related to anger and aggression. .

However, some things that can cause anger in many people, we mention to you, according to what was reported by “timesofindia”.

– Depression:

Oftentimes, depression can lead to prolonged sadness and extreme mood swings, causing frustration and anger.


Researchers suggest that seizures, known as “simple partial seizures,” can affect your emotions and cause anger and aggression.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder:

It is a type of anxiety disorder that makes a person more prone to obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior. Most of the time, the need to complete certain rituals or follow a schedule and the inability to do exactly that can lead to frustration, which leads to anger.

Bipolar disorder:

It can cause drastic changes in your mood and personality, as people with this disorder may experience tantrums.

Alcohol and drug use:

According to experts, excessive consumption of alcohol and unnecessary drugs deprives the ability to think clearly and rationally, which contributes to your poor ability to control your impulses, which leads to anger.

What are the signs that someone has anger issues?

Because anger is a natural emotion, it can be difficult to know if you have anger issues and if you need to deal with them, however there are some distinct signs and symptoms for someone with anger issues.

Repeated cases of agitation and frustration.

Feeling overwhelmed by many negative emotions at the same time.

Physical symptoms such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations and tingling in the body.

Verbal and sometimes physical abuse.

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