“Charge your phone”… Japanese woman who approached 1,500 women in 3 years


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A man has been arrested in Japan who attempted to sexually assault a young woman after using a cell phone charger as bait.

According to foreign media such as ABC News in Japan on the 5th local time, 27-year-old A was arrested by the police on the same day on charges of trespassing and attempted rape.

A is accused of forcibly trying to have sex with a woman he met on a street in Osaka Prefecture, Japan on the night of the 3rd.

It is known that Mr. A entered the woman’s house by pretending to ask the woman for directions and then asking, “I don’t have a cell phone battery, so please charge it.”

▲ The above picture is not directly related to the content of the article.

The victim said, “I was told to wait outside the house, but Mr. A came inside the house saying he was going to use the bathroom.”

He added, “I was suspicious that the battery level of my phone was 90%, so I asked to leave the house, and Mr. A suddenly threw me on the bed and tried to rape me.”

When the woman protested and said she would report it to the police, it is said that Mr. A got down on his knees and apologized, saying, “Please don’t tell (to the police).” After that, A, who fled, was caught by the police, who were investigating.

Mr. A admitted to the charges during the police investigation. “Over the past three years, I’ve approached about 1,500 women who look amiable, and 20 of them have entered their homes,” he said.

Police believe there may be additional victims and are expanding the investigation.

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