Baby, parents handed over to Kabul Airport across the barbed wire “Where are you…”


On August 19, when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and their desperate escape continued, a photo was released of a newborn baby being handed over to an American soldier over a barbed wire fence at Kabul Airport.

The girl in the picture, ‘Liya’, met her parents who arrived at the airport a few hours later and headed to the United States, but on the same day, the 2-month-old boy ‘Soha-il’, who was handed over the barbed wire, is missing.

According to Reuters, Sohail’s father, Mirza Ali Ahmat, 35, and mother Suraya, 32, go missing at Kabul Airport, waiting for news of their son in a refugee camp in Fort Bliss, Texas, USA.

Ahmat has been subject to punishment by the Taliban for 10 years as a security guard at the US embassy in Kabul.

On August 19, he and his wife took their five children aged 17, 9, 6, 3 and 2 months to Kabul Airport, where there was a commotion with the crowd trying to escape the re-established Taliban. .

Just in time, the US military asked if they needed help over the barbed wire, and the couple raised their arms and passed the baby, fearing that the youngest Sohail would be crushed and crushed by the crowd.

Ahmat said, “The entrance was only 5 meters in front, so I thought that the baby would be retrieved immediately.

Upon entering the airport, Ahmat desperately sought Sohail, but no one heard the news.

He arrested dozens of soldiers and civilians at the airport for three days and asked “Did you see the baby?”

In the end, except for the Ahmats and Sohail, their four children arrived at a refugee camp in Texas, USA, through Qatar and Germany without being able to find Sohail.

Refugee officials and relief workers also said, “I will do my best to find Sohail,” but the couple was frustrated because they could not know the life or death of their son.

However, a refugee support group is drawing a lot of attention by posting a ‘missing baby’ post with Sohail’s photo on social media.

“Unfortunately, no one has been looking for Sohail since the moment Sohail was handed over to the Americans at Kabul Airport,” said an official from the US authorities.

The US authorities have also issued a ‘missing child warning’ that displays Sohail’s personal information on highway signboards, etc.

(Photo = Reuters, Yonhap News)

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