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Yeliz Koc: That’s what she weighs 4 weeks after the birth of her daughter

Yeliz Koc
She speaks more openly than ever about her after-baby body

Yeliz Koc


It has been around four weeks since the daughter of Yeliz Koc and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht was born. Now the new mom speaks openly like never before about her after-baby body and gives an honest weight update.

It was only a few weeks ago that the child of Yeliz Koc, 28, and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, 29, saw the light of day – a little daughter by the name of Snow Elanie. On Instagram, Yeliz regularly shares her new life as a new mom with her almost 600,000 followers. Now the former “ Bachelor ” participant gives an honest update about her after-baby body and reveals how much she has lost so far.

Yeliz Koc: Four weeks after the birth, she reveals her current weight

In her Instagram story, Yeliz Koc stands on the scales and gives her fans an open view of her current weight – Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht’s ex currently weighs 67.3 kilograms. Yeliz classifies this number directly: ” I still have ten kilos from pregnancy and I think my figure looks exactly the same as it did before pregnancy at 57 kilos ”. During the entire pregnancy, she gained 23 kilograms, of which 13 kilograms were already down, according to Yeliz.

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Regular weight updates during pregnancy

The influencer also regularly shared weight updates during her pregnancy and revealed that she was happy to accept the physical changes in order to soon be able to hold her little daughter in her arms. A few weeks before the birth, she wrote: ” Soon I’ll be holding the most beautiful gift in the world in my arms and every kilo will be worth it ” [sic] under an impressive before-and-after photo, which once again shows that bodies are true marvels.

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