Xi Jinping: Opposition to protectionism, defending true multilateralism


China’s President Xi Jinping said, “We must oppose unilateralism and protectionism so that humanity can walk toward a more beautiful future.”

In a video speech aired at the opening ceremony of the 4th China International Import Expo held at the Shanghai National Congress and Exhibition Center on the same night, Xi said, “As the world is facing the once-in-a-hundred-year period of transformation and COVID-19 together, unilateral protectionism is emerging and the economy is growing. Globalization is going backwards,” he said.

President Xi’s message of ‘anti-unilateralism and protectionism’ was also brought to the fore this time as a means of deterring the United States, which is pursuing a strategy to encircle China by mobilizing alliances of developed countries that share democratic values ​​and to exclude China from the world’s high-tech industrial supply chain. It is interpreted as throwing.

“The multilateral system with the World Trade Organization as its core is the foundation of international trade,” he said. “China will firmly defend true multilateralism.”


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