Monday, November 29

‘Waiting for 3 hours’ to buy urea water… truck starting to stop

As it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain urea water, which is essential for diesel vehicles such as trucks, long lines are forming at every place selling urea water. There are many people looking for it, but the quantity is so short that some heavy equipment has stopped at the construction site.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam covered the scene.

Vehicles lined up more than 500 meters on the road in front of a gas station in Incheon.

When I heard the news that urea water had arrived at this gas station, there was a line of vehicles.

A long procession continued for 3 hours from 9 am.

When it was difficult to bring in 3,000 liters of urea, truck drivers flocked from all over the country.

[주유소 관계자 : 조금 있으면 다 팔려요. (올해는 이제 이런 기회가 없는 거죠?) 저희도 물건을 받는 입장이니까 어떻게 될지 모르죠.]

A stopped construction site also appeared.

[(아무도 안 계시네요.) 장비 자체가 가동이 안 되다 보니까, 노동자들도 있을 필요가 없죠, 일을 못하는데….]

This is because construction machinery equipment such as excavators, dump trucks carrying cement or aggregate, ready-mixed concrete, etc. cannot move without urea water.

There was only so much urea water left, and all the heavy equipment stopped, so the construction site was so empty.

[박종문/굴착기협회장 : 일주일 안에는 건설 대란이 일어나지 않을까… 가까운 데도 한 다섯 군데 현장인데 일주일 안에 다 선다고 봅니다.]

Stopped trucks lined up at the logistics terminal.

Even after sharing and saving with people who are more urgent, the remaining number of elements is now two,

[김성출/화물차 기사 : 계획이 없죠. 살 수가 없잖아, 안 주니까. 요소수가 없어가지고 한탕 뛰고 한 번 못 가고, 그다음에 또 가고… 어떻게 빨리 좀. 대책을 세워 주셔야지….]

Truck drivers complain that even if they survive by buying expensive urea, which has doubled in price and existing inventory, they can’t guarantee that they will be able to pass next week.

That’s why freighters are clinging to finding outdated pre-2015 trucks that don’t require urea water.

(Video coverage: Lim Dong-guk, video editing: Kim Ho-jin, VJ: Jung Min-goo)

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