The slightly different baby bump shoot


Liliana Matthew
The slightly different baby bump shoot

Liliana Matthäus shows the result of her baby bump shoot.

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Liliana Matthäus shows how sexy a baby bump can be. She writes touching lines about the shooting yield.

Model and influencer Liliana Matthäus (33) shows on her Instagram account the result of a baby bump shoot in Turkey. In the photos you can see the pregnant woman in a transparent and seductive black negligee and in the stories also in an elegant blazer and pants combination.

Kristina Liliana Nova, as she has called herself since the end of the marriage (2009-2011) with the former soccer star Lothar Matthäus (60), writes touching lines about the pictures.

“I marvel at a woman’s body every day. Its ability to let life grow and bring it into this world. I have so much respect for all the mothers in this world who have given up so much, thank you mom,” says judge they first look at their own mother. Then she turns to the being in her stomach. “And thank you, my beautiful girl, for choosing me as your mom, I can’t wait to get to know you,” said Liliana.

Liliana Matthäus is in her sixth month

She starts the post with “6 months with you in me”. It was already clear in mid-October that her first child was expected to be born in February when the 33-year-old made her pregnancy public. “I’m so happy that it happened. I’m going to be a mother,” she told the magazine “Bunte” at the time. This will make her greatest dream come true.

The father is a 42-year-old American tech entrepreneur, with whom the mother-to-be has now moved back to Munich – in 2015 she emigrated to Los Angeles.

The father-to-be is also overjoyed and their baby is an absolute dream. A wedding should also be planned, but not before the due date in February. Still, the baby will have her partner’s last name.


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