“The price has doubled in 5 months”… Conversion to public rental sales ‘makkak’


In public rental housing, after completing a certain period of residence, such as 5 or 10 years, the sale of the house is called a sale conversion. This is a system to help low-income people buy their own houses, and as house prices continue to rise recently, the sale price is also running high.

Reporter Hyung-woo Jeon reported.

A public rental housing complex in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do.

The average price for early pre-sale conversion of 84 square meters of exclusive area until last June was 318 million won.

An appraisal is currently underway ahead of the transition to maturity pre-sale, and the price is expected to nearly double compared to early pre-sale.

The market price of houses for early pre-sale, which is reflected in the sale price of the pre-sale volume at maturity, rises to the mid-to-late half of a million units.

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A public rental complex in Paju, which was sold early last year for 230 to 30 million won, also nearly doubled in price from the maturity sale in progress this year.

This is because the surrounding market prices skyrocketed as the rise in house prices in the metropolitan area overlapped with the good news of GTX.

Tenants who used the subscription passbook while applying for the conversion to maturity are in danger of losing their subscription opportunity as it is difficult to prepare the sharply increased sale price.

The tenants requested LH to set the sale price for the maturity sale based on the appraised price at the time of the early sale, but it was not accepted.

It is impossible to artificially lower the sale price as the local government sets the sale price based on the date the appraisal is requested.

LH said that it would instead arrange for a low-interest loan and allow 10-year installment payments, but the purpose of the system to help ordinary people buy their own houses at the skyrocketing sale price is being overshadowed.

(Video coverage: Park Chun-bae, video editing: Kang Dong-cheol)


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