Sunday, November 28

Teddy trend: fluffy fashion for winter

For them: the mop pants

Everywhere you look it’s super fluffy. The so-called teddy trend is being taken to extremes this winter. It is no longer just jackets and coats that are made of the long-pile material, but everything from shoes to sweaters. How did it get to the point that now not only the Sherpas in the base camp of Mount Everest wear pile, fleece and other warming synthetic materials, but also the normal Munich woman? Well, real fur has not been socially acceptable for a few years now. In 2013, the Italian fashion house Max Mara launched its teddy coat as an alternative, which still looks beautiful today, which is due to the fact that it is not made of plastic fibers, but of camel hair and silk. Since then fuzzy coats An indispensable part of the street scene, but mostly in the mop version. Yes, with most teddy models you could wipe the parquet floor without a guilty conscience! In contrast to the lambskin, which they are supposed to remind of, these plush toy monsters are not biodegradable – but the urge to show oneself from its soft side seems greater than the disdain for plastic. Even the eco-luxury icon Stella McCartney has designed teddy sweatpants that make you sweat a lot at home and look like a giant child on the way to the playground outside. Speaking of children, teddy is also trendy with them, but that’s okay because it underlines their cuteness. This cannot be said of adult women.

Ladies & Gentlemen: undefined

For him: the plush facade

The great fluff attack has been observed in the world’s metropolises for a long time. The thicker the teddy fabric, the better, at least this rule seems to apply in hipster circles. Since this target group is usually very thin or inadvertently malnourished, it is not so noticeable when it is applied. Slightly convex people in offensive fluffy jackets like this model by Arket quickly appear as if they have escaped from Sesame Street or as if breaded unfavorably in spaetzle. Presumably because he’s the opposite of sleek and cool, Teddy is the stuff of the hour. It’s more of a textile non-aggression pact, a fashionable dachshund look that combines everything you need in these hard times: a feeling of cuddling, childhood memories, ego wellness. It is the relocation of the plush “stay at home” feeling outside, a softener for the world. But also a bit silly, after all, Teddy is very comfortable as an inner lining, but somewhat useless or impractical as an outer shell. In the dense crowd in the subway, at least the others would benefit, but that’s exactly what we still want to avoid this winter. But when did such practical inquiries ever interest fashion at all? So let’s keep in mind that the plush facade is after all a trend for which the wearer does not have to go through too much agony, and also the otherwise popular one fashion freezing seems to be off the table this winter with the thick fabrics.

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