“Storm of Love”: Lena Conzendorf shocked! “I flashed what happened.”


The latest in our ticker +++ The new dream woman introduces herself +++ Constanze makes a momentous decision +++ Floats Erik soon back on cloud nine? +++ Will this beast get away with everything? +++ fans mourn serial death +++

November 5th: The new dream woman reports to the fans

“Sturm der Liebe” has a new dream couple! It recently became clear: Josie Klee (Lena Conzendorf) and Paul Lindbergh (Sandro Kirtzel) are the couple that everything revolves around in the new “Storm of Love” season. After the symbolic baton handover of the departing dream couple Florian (Arne Löber) and May (Christina Arends) to her successor now Lena Conzendorf has her own say. On Instagram, she warmly welcomes the “Storm of Love” fans and tells them that they are from the violent reactions is still a bit overwhelmed on her as the new dream woman. “I flashed a little what has happened since Tuesday. My cell phone explodes, it is amazing what messages I get and what kind of words I am allowed to read“says the actress happily. And then she reveals a exciting detail: “Sturm der Liebe” fans can already get an impression of Josie to win. Then already from the Friday episode will Josie be there at the “Fürstenhof”. It is quite possible that with her first appearance she will cause a lot more fan reactions.

November 4th: Did Constanze make a bad decision?

When “Storm of Love” is Constanze von Thalheim (Sophia Schiller) about to become the new serial beast. But do one ill-considered decision you now all to niece? After her boss Thomas Heilmeier (Jochen Paletschek) shows up at the “Fürstenhof”, he initially has good news for him Constanze: She should become a partner in his office. But first he asks her for a favor that has it all. Constanze should for him a suitcase to Switzerland bring. It wasn’t until much too late that the lawyer realized that there was probably black money in the suitcase. And shortly afterwards you threaten Secret to be discovered. It will be for Constanzethat many had already imagined as the antagonist of the 18th season, now about one sudden end give? The coming episodes will show that. It always remains exciting.

November 3rd: Can Erik be happy after all?

In “Sturm der Liebe” fans of Erik and Ariane in the end not exactly easy. The separation of the antagonist couple hit many people very hard. While Ariane meanwhile in Robert fell in love and one intrigue after another is crazyto him and Lia separating was in Eriks Love life not much going on in the end. Will that change now? “It looks like a new lady is coming for Erik“, suspects a fan on Instagram. And we are already doing it on Facebook corresponding theories around. Receives Erik but still its happy ending – and if so, with or without Ariane? In any case, the fans can be curious about the twists and turns of the new season.

November 2nd: Fans have a premonition

In “Sturm der Liebe” no character has polarized as much as in a long time Ariane Kalenberg (Viola Wedekind). The intriguer takes care of the Fürstenhof reliable for chaos. In the end she tried by all means Lia (Deborah Müller) and Robert (Lorenzo Patané) apart. The fan base is up Ariane meanwhile rather skeptical about it. While everyone agrees that Viola Wedekind her role is incredibly good plays, it gets on many people’s nerves, with what Ariane seems to get through again and again. A fan on Facebook now suspects: “Ariane will likely become immortal.“For many loyal viewers this is probably not a pleasant performance. However, there is a small glimmer of hope: At least we landed with us Anabelle Sullivan (Jenny Löffler) a “storm of love” beast behind bars. Maybe overtaken Ariane yes at some point a similar fate …

November 1: The fans especially mourn one figure

“Sturm der Liebe” fans are loyal – and once they have taken a character to their hearts, don’t forget them even if they have been around for a while dropped out of the telenovela is. That was particularly impressive this weekend. On Instagram and Facebook, the series makers wanted to know which one in time for Halloween deceased serial character because please absolutely to come back from the dead should. Of course, die-hard fans know that this has already happened in “Sturm der Liebe”. And the opinion of the fans is shockingly clear. A great many want Romy Lindbergh (Desirée von Delft) back! She died almost exactly two years ago after Anabelle (Jenny Löffler) accidentally poisoned her. And although Romy since then has been seen again and again in the memories of her friends, the fans still miss her terribly. And at least as a memory it could Romy maybe yes come back very soon: The rumors that her husband of all people Paul (Sandro Kirtzel) the Dream man of the new season could be holding up persistent for days. For too long this will no longer remain a secret: Tomorrow, ARD will publicly announce who is the newcomer Josie Klee will fall in love in the coming season.

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