Sunday, November 28

Step-by-step recovery from drinking alcohol on the first weekend

On the first Friday night after the gradual recovery of daily life, the police conducted a drunken crackdown. There were also fights with drivers who tried to avoid the breathalyzer test all over Seoul.

Reporter Han Seong-hee visited the site.

Today (6th) around 0:40 am, the entrance to Gyeongin Expressway in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

On the first weekend when the gradual recovery of daily life was implemented, the police stop the vehicle to crack down on alcohol.

[경찰관: 한 번 불어볼게요, 마스크 살짝 벗어주시고. (이거 안 됐잖아요, 좀 전에.) 다시 됐어요. (다시 해볼게요.)]

Other measuring instruments are also used to detect the state of intoxication, but

[경찰관: 후 이게 아니라, 후. (더, 더 길게요?) 제가 말씀드릴게요. 제가 그만 하라고 할 때까지 부세요. 안 부시면 고의로 들어가요. (고의는 아니에요.) 측정거부되면 처벌 세질 수 있어요. (알겠습니다.)]

The fight over the breathalyzer continues.

[경찰관: 정지수치 넘으셨고요. 취소수치 넘으셨어요. (억지로 세게 불라고 해서 나오는 거 아니에요, 이게?)]

The man, who denied that he had been drinking, was taken to the hospital and even had a blood test.

About 30 minutes later, another man, who had a blood alcohol level at the level of a license suspension, admitted to drinking.

[친구 집에서 맥주 한 병….]

At the same time, in Songpa-gu, Seoul, several people were arrested for drinking and driving.

[안재범/송파경찰서 교통과 경위 : 위드코로나 되고 나선 영업시간이 늦춰지니까 1시나 2시 정도에 나오면 이 시간에 나오면 괜찮을 거다 이렇게 생각하고 음주단속을 하는 경우가 종종 있습니다.]

The police are conducting an intensive crackdown on drunk driving nationwide for three months from this month to January next year.

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