“Spencer”, Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín’s original vision of Princess Diana


“Dazzling, tender, imposing, wonderful.”

The praise for the interpretation of Kristen Stewart in the latest film by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín multiplies and is practically unanimous.

“Spencer” debuted with great success at the Venice Film Festival in September. Its protagonist shone with his own light in the midst of a loud ovation from the public. Even some critics are already hoping to see her among the Oscar nominees for her role as Lady Di.

The tape shows “what could have happened“on the Christmas holidays that princess diana and prince charles They happened in the early 1990s at Sandringham, and they served as a precedent for the couple’s formal separation.

Larraín has been clear in ensuring that the film not made to understand who diana was, but to show a new perspective on what is already known about the princess, whose death marked 24 years on August 31.

Pablo Larraín and Kristen Stewart shone in Venice. EPA

The also director of the film “Jackie“(2016), in which he fictionalized a dramatic period in the life of Jackie Kennedy, revealed in an interview that his main inspiration for approaching the character of Diana was his own mother.

I wanted to make a movie that my mother would like“, he acknowledged.

“Despite the enormous distances between these women I always felt that my mother was very interested in this story, and in some way I was influenced by it, like millions of people around the world, “Larraín told the IndieWire portal.

“Then I wondered why Diana had created such a level of empathy. It is a very complex answer,” he added.

Upside down fairy tale

For Larraín, born in Santiago de Chile in 1976, the life of Diana “it’s a fairy tale upside down“.

“That is the core of the film. I wanted to explore Diana’s process, which oscillates between doubt and determination, to finally bet on freedom,” said the filmmaker in Venice.

Surrendered before Stewart

Most critics have affirmed that the performance of the 31-year-old American, recognized for her role as Bella in the Twilight saga (“Twilight”), is worthy of applause.

Robbie Collin of The Telegraph predicted that the actress “will be instantly and justifiably rewarded for this“.

By awarding it five stars, Collin assured that it is a “resplendently crazy, sad and beautiful” movie.

“It is an excitingly brave, seductive and uninhibited cinema.”

Stewart “navigates this dangerous terrain with total mastery, getting his voice and gestures right, but raising the intensity of everything a bit to better lean on the melodramatic, paranoid and absurd twists of the film,” he wrote.

For his part, Deadline critic Pete Hammond wrote: “I can’t say enough about Stewart’s performance. that, before a figure that could be believed impossible to represent well, manages to wonderfully capture its essence“.


“It is a vigorous, bitter, poignant and altogether impressive twist, which takes Diana along paths that we have not seen her travel as in this hypnotic representation“.

Nevertheless, not everyone was so effusive. The Times awarded two stars to “this infuriating mix,” which “goes from ideal moments of intrigue to laughable mannered scenes,” wrote Kevin Maher.

“Spencer” hits theaters amid a flood of projects about Diana, including a musical by Broadway which premieres in November and the new season of The Crown.


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