Series star Harry Blank full of anticipation


Series star Harry Blank full of anticipation

“Dahoam is Dahoam” star Harry Blank is looking forward to the “Wetten, dass ..?” Comeback.

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“Dahoam is Dahoam” star Harry Blank is looking forward to the “Wetten, dass ..?” Comeback and looking forward to watching the show with his children.

The Bavarian actor Harry Blank (53), who has been delighting the audience since 2007 as Michael “Mike” Preissinger in the early evening series “Dahoam is Dahoam” (Monday to Thursday, 7:30 pm, BR), is a big “Wetten, dass.” .?”-Fan. “Of course we saw that with the family. That was a fixed date,” he says in an interview with Spot on News. And remembers two bets on the Saturday evening show with moderator Thomas Gottschalk (71) particularly well: “The truck on the four beer glasses or the one who recognizes the toothpaste by its taste”.

“‘Bet that..?’ was family television ”

As today’s TV professional, Harry Blank explains why the earlier TV show was so successful: “It was family TV. Parents and children could watch it equally and there was something for everyone. It was also suitable for young people.” He was born in 1968 and you can work out how many programs he has seen since the show series began in 1981. “I started with Frank Elstner,” he says, referring to the inventor of the TV show.

Looking forward to the comeback on Saturday

Harry Blank is looking forward to the comeback of the TV show on Saturday evening (November 6th, 8:15 pm, ZDF) for one reason in particular: “In fact, to see the thing with my children today and to spend a family evening.” He wanted to know “whether it is still possible today – and maybe it will ?!” He can well imagine that Thomas Gottschalk and his co-presenter Michelle Hunziker (44) will inspire their audience again, “why not?”

In his living room, he will see whether the broadcast will also arrive at the younger generation. “Television is always made for the living room, you shouldn’t forget that. And ‘Bet that ..?’ and the German living room has always fit like a fist in the eye, “summarizes Blank.


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