“Scrub?”.. 5 different gifts on Egyptian Valentine’s Day, not exceeding 200 pounds


12:30 PM

Friday 05 November 2021

Egypt is unique in the Egyptian Valentine’s Day from the rest of the countries today, November 4, which was celebrated in 1988 by journalist Mostafa Amin.

Husbands and loved ones are keen to express to the other his love and tender feelings, by giving gifts, but if your economic condition is not fine, you can choose a simple gift and at the same time express your love with a value not exceeding two hundred pounds, and you can buy:


There are many bags that do not exceed the value of 200 pounds, so choose for your partner a bag in the colors you prefer, and of course she will like it.


Choosing a watch is perfect, and it expresses your elegance and high taste in choosing gifts. You can choose a unique watch at a cost of 200 pounds.


Girls gather to love wallets of all shapes and sizes, so they are a successful and practical choice and you will be impressed by it.


Choose an autumn pullover from a store to welcome your winter sweetheart, and it will be the best gift she has come this year.

Chocolate box:

Chocolate is one of the things that girls are most happy and fascinated by, and they love to eat it at any time, as it is a great choice, especially on winter nights.

And the story of the Egyptian Valentine’s Day began, when journalist Mustafa Amin was passing through the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood, and he found a “dead” coffin inside, with only 3 men walking behind him. Even if the deceased was not known to anyone, a passerby asked about the deceased man, and they told him that he was an old man, he was in his seventh decade, but there was no one to love him, so Amin decided to launch a day of love in Egypt, hence the name.


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