Monday, November 29

Prime Minister Kim “We need to discuss the subsidy for a long time…it is not a power game for the party”

Prime Minister Bu-gyeom Kim appeared to the National Assembly today (the 5th) and expressed skepticism about the implementation, saying that the payment of additional disaster aid requires a long discussion. However, he cautioned that it was not a power game between the parties, but the opposition party strongly criticized the passport, saying it was actually a ticketing act.

This is reporter Yoo Soo-hwan.

Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom, who said he had no financial resources.

Even after attending the National Assembly, he said that a long discussion at the National Assembly level was necessary as there was no social consensus on the additional payment of disaster aid for all citizens.

[강득구/민주당 의원 : 좀 더 큰 의미에서의 보편적 지원도 동시에 균형 있게 가야 되는 게….]

[김부겸/국무총리 : 작년 전 국민 보편지급 이후에 사실은 너무나 많은 소모를 치렀습니다. 과연 이게 옳은 방식이냐에 대해서 아직까지 합의를 못 이루고 있지 않습니까.]

Prime Minister Kim also made this request, not to conclude at this meeting, as it is a precious tax execution.

Deputy Prime Minister of Economy Hong Nam-ki also assisted Prime Minister Kim by saying that ‘customized welfare’ is effective.

[홍남기/경제부총리 : 맞춤형으로 필요한 계층과 대상에 대해서 집중적으로 드리는 것이 훨씬 더 효과적이지 않을까.]

As it was interpreted that the government repeatedly expressed skepticism about the additional disaster aid, it was interpreted that the conflict between the present and future powers in the passport would become visible.

Prime Minister Kim drew the line.

[강득구/민주당 의원 : ‘이재명-문 정부 재난지원금 파워게임’ 이렇게 나와있는데….]

[김부겸/국무총리 : 제 말씀도 그날 전후 맥락을 보면 그런 취지가 아니었다는 게 분명한데….]

The People’s Power strongly opposed the payment of additional subsidies at a time when the national debt ratio increased, saying that it was a monetary election.

[정동만/국민의힘 의원 : 이재명 후보가 주장하는 재난지원금 전 국민 지급은 매표행위이자 금권 선거라고 생각하는데….]

Regarding the recent shortage of urea water, Prime Minister Kim said that he is looking for ways to import it from countries in the Middle East other than China, which is a major importer.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho, Sang-bo Sang, Kim Seung-tae, video editing: Choi Hye-young)

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